Welcome to Our Practice

Dentist Richmond Hill, GA - Courtney Camp Highsmith, DMD

Welcome to our practice, we are so glad to meet you!  Our goal is to provide a stress-free and comfortable dental experience.  We are proud to make the following promises:

  • We are a doctor owned, family run office serving Richmond Hill and the surrounding region since 2007.
  • We DO NOT answer to a corporate board of shareholders.  We answer to the patient.
  • Our professional staff all has at least 5 years of dental service with our practice and NEVER work under a bonus or quota system.  We have invested in the industries latest technology for your comfort and peace of mind during diagnosis and treatment.  
  • We have a dedicated Insurance Claim Resolution staff.  We fight on your behalf to hold the insurance companies responsible for eligible benefits. 

Thank you for all of the support and confidence.  Your outstanding referrals continue to drive our office to be better and provide Richmond Hill the best family dental experience possible.